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Snow Plow Pro 3000 - World's Fastest Attachment Snowplow System
Snow Plow - Hitch-N-Run System

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Sno Pro 3000 - World's Fastest Attachment Snowplow System

Curtis plows are a one piece, one step process. Major time savings is offered with our exclusive, near automatic Hitch-N-Run System. This is a pinless, spring loaded device that works in unison with a patented hitch system.

Sno Pro 3000 - World's Fastest Attachment Snowplow Systems

Sno Pro 3000 - Snowplow System Installed

Hydraulic Jack Stand:
This patent pending device utilizes the power of hydraulics to position the plow at the exact height required for re-attachment. The jack stand automatically retracts after attachment and has a frame mounted jack switch for manual adjustment.

Sno Pro 3000 - Snowplow System

Hide-Away Mount Kit:
Sleek, clean and professional are words used to describe our remaining receiver frame when the plow is removed. This tucked away mount system was a fundamental goal of our Sno-Pro 3000 design team. We encourage you to compare our system to our competitors to realize the difference yourself.

Snow Plow- Sno-Pro 3000 - Hitch-N-Run System
1. Hide-Away Hydraulics®:
Our hydraulic cavity tucks away our power system. No belts or pulleys under the hood, and no ugly box on the front of your truck. A 1/4" skid plate and gasketted top cover are standard features. This system also allows superior airflow to radiator.
2. Pinless Snap Lock System:
This innovative spring loaded device works in unison with our patent pending hitch system. This system allows the attachment and removal of the plow within seconds.
3. Power Plug/Weather Cap:
All functions, including power, controls, and lights, are integrated into our exclusive power plug harness. This plug mounts to a sturdy metal bracket designed into our plow receiver frame. A special weather cap protects the male end when the plow is not in use.
4. Extended Push-Frame:
Clearly the widest on the market, it measures 4-feet end-to-end. This extended width means superior distribution of force through the plow system and not the vehicle’s frame.
Standard Finger Tip Snow Plow Control
Standard Finger Tip Control
Snow Plow - Optional Joystick Control
Optional Joystick Control
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Featuring our patented
Hitch-N-Run System

Snow Plow - V-Plows - Hitch-N-Run System
V-Plows - Snow plow - Hitch-N-Run System


Snow V-Plows - Hitch-N-Run System
Snow Plow Control
Innovative control
All functions - raise/lower and wing
adjustments in the palm of your hand
V-Plow Features:
  • No open notch at top center of plow in any position.
  • Four adjustable cast iron wear shoes with over 100 sq. inches of contact area with the ground.
  • Full 30º angle of each wing.
  • Positive angle stops in the "V" plow position.
  • Wing angle limiters provide good "backdrag" performance.
  • Replaceable reinforced rubber center flap between cutting edges.
  • Full trip moldboard for operator and equipment protection.

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Caution!Caution: Curtis Snowplows and equipment are not designed nor intended for installation on vehicles unless a specific vehicle requirement is met. Refer to our application and pricing guide under "Specific Vehicle Requirements" for details. Read and understand all warnings in the owners manual, application guide and on the product before operating. Never install Curtis plows or equipment on vehicles that do not meet our "Specific Vehicle Requirements". Serious injury or death may result.

Curtis Snow Plows are protected by the following U.S. Patent Numbers: 6,145,222 and 6,209,231 and Licensed under U.S. Patent No. 5,568,694 & Canadian Patent No. 2,137,853. Other patents pending.

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