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Diesel High Performance comes to Tillman's Truck and Van of Indianapolis, Indiana with the "Predator" this is something new in the diesel power market, and like no other product offered else where. This is real performance without sacrificing fuel economy or engine life. Our customer have been raving about the results! We have even found the name "Predator" on other products, but they just don't compare, call or e-mail us on diesel power our diesel power experts can answer your questions and take your order.

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Preditor Diesel Power in Indianapolis



From only $299* and free U.S. shipping.


Diesel pickup owners -


  1. Increased your horse power 50-150 at the rear wheels.

  2. 25% - 45% improvement in torque.

  3. Diesel owners can save up to 15% increase in fuel mileage.

  4. Enjoy a smother running diesel engine.

  5. Installing "Predator" will not increase your EGT's (exhaust gas temperatures). This prevents engine damage.

  6. "Predator" is quick to install.

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Call our diesel truck experts for installation information an product availability.

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Some of the many Predator Benefits  to diesel truck owners are:

• You can get up to 130 Horsepower gain and 35% increase in Torque at the rear wheels.

• A 15% Increase in fuel mileage increase is possible.

• Increased engine life with a smoother running engine.

• Cleaner emissions due to less cylinder wash.

• Uses no after market chip (so Predator will not void your warranty).

• Undetectable by the vehicle’s electronic control unit

• You can install it yourself in only a few minutes on most vehicles with easy instructions. Call us for information

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*Priced starting from $299 (prices vary with application) and regular US shipping is included.

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