Indiana winters means snow and snow requires snow plows.  At Tillman’s we are proud to offer Snoway snow plows.  Living in the Midwest means we are always dealing with a weather adventure. You surely know the old adage, “don’t like the weather around here, wait five minutes it will change!” In Indiana it can be 60 degrees in November and two days later you have 4 inches of snow. When the snow comes, you want to be ready. Make plans to be prepared with Snoway snow plows and salt spreaders to fit your truck, SUV or UTV.

Snoway offers a wide variety of plows for vehicles of all types.  For smaller SUV’s and Jeeps, Snoway offers the 22 series plow.  If you have larger SUV’s or trucks, Snoway offers several series: 26 series, 29 series an 32 series plows.  In addition to these vehicles, Snoway also offers plows for your UTV.  If a plow can be put on it, Snoway probably offers it.

And if you are plowing, you are probably salting as well.  Snoway offers a full line of high quality salt spreaders for your winter combat needs.  Ice can be a problem and salt solves the problem.  Snoway has hitch-mounted and in-bed salt spreaders whether you are just plowing your property or commercially, Snoway salt spreaders handle any winter salting job.

Tillman’s has over 25 years experience in the plow business.  We sell, install, service and repair Snoway plows.  We also offer special deals on select items as well as special deals on yearly plow service packages.  Contact one of our highly knowledgeable sales consultants today!