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Indianapolis Truck Caps and Lids

For as long as trucks have been around we have put truck caps on them. Whether you need to protect your tool investment, you are a sportsmen or you just like the look of a color-matched cap, Tillman’s has you covered.

We feature high-quality, A.R.E. fiberglass truck caps as well as A.R.E. aluminum contractor’s caps. A.R.E. is an industry leader in the truck cap market and offers a near endless variety of options to fit all of your truck cap needs.

The variety of look and function has grown significantly in the past 20 years. More options and customization are now available for truck caps than ever before. With these options comes the choice to create the ultimate work, camp, hunting, fishing, playing, hauling and storing design.

Whether you are facing the need for dry tools and added ladder racks, to pull out bed slide system, to drawers, or a bed for camping there are limitless options to fit the perfect cap to your truck. When it comes to truck caps you have come to right place.

Whether budget minded with our line of ATC Caps or looking for a superior fit and finish with A.R.E. Truck Caps we have what you need. A.R.E. has designed some of the best functioning accessories to make your cap function exactly as you need.