Decked truck bed tool boxes
Decked storage units

Every now and then a new vehicle innovation comes along that revolutionizes the way we use our vehicles.  The Decked truck bed tool box and its companion product the Decked cargo van tool box is just that type of innovation.  Taking something good and making it better is a unique skill.  The highly talented team of engineers at Decked have accomplished this and then some.

Decked truck bed tool boxes: State-of-the-art design made right here in America!  Decked truck bed tool boxes are flat-out amazing and a terrific way to upgrade your truck bed.  Decked truck bed tool boxes are designed with your needs in mind.  Maximizing storage organization and protecting your stuff are just two hallmarks of Decked units.  With a weight-bearing capacity of 2000 pounds, go ahead an load her up with all the work your truck can handle.

Each drawer of your Decked unit has a 200 pound weight capacity and there are optional dividers and bins available for you to customize your Decked unit to fit your specific needs.  In addition there are several other optional accessories including Decked D Boxes, T tracks and tie downs as well as lock systems if you need to have a fully secured Decked unit.  And don’t forget the option removable drain plug.  Nothing beats showing up to your favorite tailgate party or picnic with a Decked drawer full of ice and your most favorite beverages!

Decked truck bed tool boxes are specifically designed for your make and model truck. These units fit like a glove into your truck bed and are not only functional but look great as well. Decked units start around $1100. And now Decked offers solutions for your cargo van as well!  Contact us at one of our stores to get more information on this awesome truck accessory.