CargoGlide. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want their cargo to glide right out to wherever you need it to be? Considered creative vehicle storage, CargoGlide products offer the most flexibility and functionality for your vehicle cargo management needs. Most of us buy trucks because we like the versatility of having a truck bed. Those of us who buy cargo vans, do so because they are useful tools for managing, transporting and utilizing cargo. The freedom of being able to carry a variety of items whether they are short, tall or in between.  At Tillman’s we strive to find as many creative ways as possible for you to best utilize your truck’s bed or your van’s cargo area.  With that in mind, we proudly offer CargoGlide, Bedslide and StorMaster products.  CargoGlides and bed storage systems really increase your truck’s abilities. These products help you maximize the capabilities of your truck or van giving you more efficient ways to carry your tools, your heavy machinery, parts etc.  And an added bonus with many of these products is the ability to bring your equipment out of the vehicle without having to get up into it.  Save your back.  Save your knees. CargoGlide, Bedslide and StorMaster solutions are excellent choices for your vehicle’s cargo management needs.

There are a number of ways to utilize and configure these systems which can be tailored to your unique work needs. Weight capacity, extension length and other customizing can be chosen.  Everyone knows that half the battle is having the right tools.  With one of our cargo management solutions, you will have a leg up on the competition with your more efficient and functional vehicle.  Save time, save your back and keep yourself better organized. Look into one of our industry leading brands: CargoGlide, Bedslide or StorMaster products today. Stop in one of our two locations today to take a look at all that we have to offer to make your vehicle as useful and efficient as possible. Be sure and talk with one of our highly knowledgeable sales consultants as well.