Trucks have become the go-to vehicle for many Americans

hard-vs-soft-tonneau-coverToday’s trucks are far more versatile and advanced and can be used for multiple applications. Tonneau covers are an excellent addition to maximize a truck’s versatility. Tillman’s is your one-stop shop for bed covers of all kinds.

Our most popular upgrade for a truck is adding a cover for bed and cargo protection. Whether you are looking for soft, hard, folding, rolling, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl or composite Tillman’s has the widest selection of tonneau covers available and offers professional installation on every product we sell.

Considering all the options available, a truck cover can virtually turn your truck bed into any space you desire. From a pop-up camper shell with built-in tent and an air bed, to work utility outfitting with power inverter, toolboxes and bed slide, to carpet and lighting for a trunk like feel, whatever you can dream up can probably be had at Tillman’s.  Tillman’s offers outstanding products from top manufacturers including  Access, BAK, Retrax, ARE, UnderCover, Extang and others.

Whatever your need, it can be addressed with the hundreds of truck cover options available. If you find you have a unique need for your truck bed and have not found the solution, we at Tillman’s have the experience and expertise to help you find a solution.

Whether you spend your day working out of your truck, vacationing and golfing, or just daily use around the house for hauling, look no further because we can find the perfect solution to cover your truck bed. Come in today and talk with one of our highly knowledgeable sales consultants.